About ReFree

What we do:

We all have more things than we need. Selling things can be troublesome and you don’t want to trash the good stuff to garbage. There is an old saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Don’t keep your old stuff hiding in the closet and collecting dust. They can be others’ new favorites. Post them on ReFree and trade them for something you want.

ReFree(Reuse things for FREE) is a platform for people to give, get or trade FREE stuff locally and nationwide. It only does FREE giveaways or trades. Meet people in person or pay for shipping and get stuff for FREE. What else is so awesome about it? You are helping to reduce waste and benefit our planet for the future.

With ReFree, you can give and get everything for FREE; including furniture, home décor, clothes, jewelry, books, even services. There will be no awkward price negotiations since everything is FREE on ReFree.

At ReFree, we reward our users with Credits, the more you post, the more Credits you get. You can use the Credits to make wishes and reward other users who have the items for you for FREE.

How ReFree works:

-Browse: Find free things in your local area or nationwide.

- Post: Post your unwanted old stuff or make a wish for the stuff you need.

- Chat: Use in-app messages for conversations without giving out your private contact information.

- Delivery: You will have the option to pick up items for free and pay for shipping or in-person delivery through ReFree App. Simple and flexible!

- Rewards: Get rewarded for the items you’ve given away, and use the rewarded Credits for making wishes and other features.

ReFree’s goals are:

- Increase your living space by giving away unwanted stuff.

- Save your expenses by getting FREE things from nearby users.

- Reduce waste to our environment by recycling & reusing old stuff.

Together, we can build a better world!